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“For over 15 years the PZ1 Production Company has offered its services to businesses in the audiovisual industry, performing customer-tailored work on audiovisual content for public and private television, production companies and television agencies.

Pz1 offers professional camera operators who carry out their duties with responsibility, passion and creativity with the goal of satisfying all of our customers’ needs.”

Aimar Planas

Òscar Guillén


PZ1 is dedicated to providing support to the audiovisual production of various media content on the independent, national and international scene, as well as private companies of the audiovisual industry. Swiftness, responsibility, professionalism and a knack for innovation are some of the key attributes of a young, creative work team, capable of adapting to the needs of our clients.


PZ1 provides graphical reporters, editors and ENG …

Television Reports

PZ1 offers to the different mass media and audio-visual…

Corporative Videos

PZ1 also offers their working team and material equipment…

Photographic reports

PZ1 offers a full team of professional photographers…




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